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General Discussion
General Topics
Got sumthin to say? say it here.
Editing Help
Wanna know how it's done? Just ask.
Need i say more?
X-Box gaming
X-Box and X-Box 360 discussion
whatever you hear..Let us know.
New Releases
For X-Box, or X-Box 360, got a new release you can't wait for? let us know.
Death, Black, and Extremely Hardcore Metal
This is for the fans of the hardest and heaviest.Got a kickass new band? let us hear about them.
For the rest of you
if it don't fit up top, put it here...
Who's the Hottest?
Hottest Chick?
Come on guys, lets hate on eachothers taste in women =P
Links to bands i listen too o.0
Links to Bands
this is what i mean by hardest and heaviest, Lol.
fictional or non, got a story u wanna post, post it here
The Drama Room
Save the drama fo yo mama 0.o
this is where all of you can duke it out like a virtual episode of jerry springer o.0
Tell us what you think
tell us if u like or dislike the forums
Add a link
wanna link with us?, add it here..
For poem Writers
Feel free to post your poems here.
The }ɮ{ Hollow
Reaper's Hollow, room 1
the room where you can all drop in and tell me how great i am, how much your lives would suck without me, and how much i am loved. 0.o =P basically, feed my overly massive ego, come on people i need it. o.0
Reaper's Hollow, room 2
this is for the haters, come on you know you wanna o.0
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